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Busy 1st Week

SiCAWRE has had quite a start! In just one week Jasmin and I recorded two episodes for our podcast, created and started posting to Instagram and Twitter, began working on our website, and completed our first blog post. We are thrilled with our progress thus far, and even more thrilled to have gained so many followers in such a short time.

When Jasmin and I first decided to do a podcast, we had no idea everything else would follow. However, with me being me, I couldn't just do a sickle cell awareness podcast without making sure we do all that we can to spread the word and of course raise awareness. In comes Instagram and Twitter.

I'm an avid Twitter user. I use Twitter as my source of information on all things public health, infectious disease, sickle cell, and science. For me, Twitter is my worldwide newspaper; so, it was natural for me to think of Twitter as an avenue to get the word out about our podcast. Instagram on the other hand, is not my area of expertise, but it is Jasmin's. So I created a Twitter account and Jasmin created an Instagram account.

We are on social media! Follow us on Twitter @SiCAWRE; Instagram and Facebook @sic_awre

Since creating both accounts, we have been able to connect with people from around the world. We have engaged in many fruitful conversations and have learned about what others are doing to raise sickle cell awareness. The fact that all this took place during sickle cell awareness month, has added to the value of the conversations we have had and information we have received from others. We are ecstatic knowing that we have laid a nice foundation for when we release or podcast. Soon our website will go live. It is my hope that with all we do, more people will gain a better understanding of what sickle cell is, what it is not, and how we can work together to break the stigma associated with sickle cell while improving the quality of life for those affected most.

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