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Services Provided

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Laboratory Scientist

Research & Clinical Trial Advisement

  1. Review research materials, proposals, and protocols to ensure sound scientific rigor and  data management practices consistent with FAIR principles  

  2. Review clinical trial protocols to align primary and secondary outcomes with the medical, physical, and psychological needs of patients and their caregivers

Program Planning

& Education 

  1. Plan & organize educational events/activities related to science, medicine, and/or public health. 

  2. Develop comprehensive educational materials catered to diverse audiences including schools (K-12 and higher education), faith-based and community-based organizations, as well as patients and caregivers.

  3. Advise families living with chronic medical conditions on college readiness providing support to successfully navigate higher education resources for academic and personal success.

Collaborating at Work
Patient Queue in the Hallway

Patient Advocacy

Through our partnership with Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy Inc. we provide virtual support to patients during times of hospital visits for acute pain via trained HIPPA Certified Healthcare Navigators

Patients Seeking Healthcare Navigator

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